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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

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Hellchild blew into town like an upslope wind yesterday morning. Believe it or not it's warmer here than where her ride started.

We expect disruptions to blogging over the holidays -- family time.

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According to a report from Ron Sering writing in the Mountain Mail the committee working on new rules for irrigation in the Arkansas Basin has decided to exempt the upper valley from the rules. From the article:

In their proposed draft rules, Arkansas River Irrigation Consumption Rules advisory committee members added stipulations allowing almost all surface water irrigation efficiency practices in the upper basin. Discussion of the Nov. 26 advisory committee proposal was among agenda items recently during the regular meeting of Upper Arkansas Water Conservancy District directors in Salida. Proposed rules are to ensure compliance with the Arkansas River Compact, an agreement between Colorado and Kansas regarding water use. When approved, rules will regulate use of more efficient modern irrigation systems and ditch lining techniques.

"The heart of the issue is Article IV-D," of the compact, local consultant Ken Baker said. He represents the Upper Arkansas Water Conservancy District on the committee. That article allows future development of river basin resources if development doesn't "materially deplete" downstream flow...

The draft proposal of efficiency rules regulates use of measures, such as ditch lining and sprinkler systems within the hydrological-institutional model domain and extends special consideration for those outside it. Surface water irrigation efficiency practices in place outside the H-I domain active rule date will be "grandfathered" under the proposal. Additional practices initiated after the agreement effective date will be granted a general permit if:

- The upper valley water rights are senior to April 1, 1884.

- They are in selected tributaries with a local call.

"The way the rules are written right now, we'd support them," Terry Scanga, Upper Arkansas Water Conservancy District general manager, said.

Consumptive use rules are subject to review by officials in Kansas...

Proposed draft rules are available at the Department of Water Resources Web site,

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From the Wall Street Journal (Ian Talley): "The Environmental Protection Agency issued an 11th-hour clarification on spent oil shale, declaring the byproduct of the development process not to be a hazardous waste. The ruling could limit production costs if U.S. developers move ahead with oil shale development, but the next administration under President-elect Barack Obama is expected to put the brakes on commercial development. Specifically, the EPA published data showing the characteristics of spent shale from operations indicate the waste is unlikely to be a hazardous waste. Oil shale is a fine-grained sedimentary rock that can be heated, vaporized, and upgraded to create a synthetic crude oil."

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