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Friday, May 09, 2003

Biowire2K : Cambridge Healthtech Institute Names Groove Networks As Founding Partner of its Pharmaceutical Strategy Series  

Paresh Suthar makes some interesting observations on corporate deployment of Groove Workspaces

Yesterday I was part of  a meeting with a company that has been developing enterprise scale Groove applications for a while.  During the course of the meeting, one of them indicated what they see as the value proposition of Groove - Center to edge to center.  That is, taking data from center based systems and putting it into Groove for collaboration, and when the collaboration is complete, taking the data from Groove and putting it back into a center based system. 

This is similar to some conclusions drawn from a public Groovespace experiment we did last year. We started a space to interact and discuss a specific subject in this case Groove integration scenarios, posted the invitationfile to the web and waited to see what would happen. Within a couple of hours a lively discussion started in the space. Over a period of 5 or 6 days there was a lot of activity on and off topic. Jon Udell wrote two reports during that period that give a good insight in what took place.
A Groovespace offers an intimate, almost physical environment to interact and a hyperactive space like this where you constantly "meet"  lots of new people proved to be a very exciting and fruitful environment but also an exhausting sometimes even intimidating experience. For five days the space felt more like an event or conference with lots of smalltalk and direct interaction. After that you saw a big decline in discussion and participation almost like the particpants went back home ;-) Somewhere in the discussion Michael Herman wrote:

Q: What happens to edge-based content as it ages? e.g. a richly populated Groove shared space
A: As soon as the content can be indexed and searched, it may physically live at the edge but logically, it becomes a center-based resource.

After the Groovespace ran out of steam and passed the point of diminishing returns. we decided to close down the space and bring the content back from the edge (Groovespace) to the center (public internet) Tim wrote a tool to export the dicussion to OPML and publish it directly via Radio. 
By having a online spacearchive (also posted below in iFrame) there would be no real need for the participants to keep the inactive Groovespace forever on there computers and brought the discussion back to the public domain which kinda closed the circle.


note: If this would be a corporate scenario the aged Groovecontent could be easily posted to the intranet for indexing and future reference in the same way. offering an quick center-edge-center route which might fit the needs of larger workgroups of Grooveusers.  

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