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Tuesday, April 01, 2003


When I posted the Social Networking Models I sent a copy to Jon Lebkowsky and a few others who have been building online communities since the dawn of time.  Jon constructively deconstructs the post and provides needed perspective.

Where I see a different wave of interest and development, Jon sees it as a refinement of previous tools, a resurgence of social networks as meme and progression of social development.  Jon does agree that the different models will blur over time, and expands upon my examples of how this is already happening.  Adina expands on this by saying the models are features that best work better together.  

Jon also make a really important point:

What's really new is that, instead of talking inside a community, we're talking across communities. Weblogs (and the feedback that go with 'em) face outward, they're public discussion. You can search them and do aggregation, so there's many ways to pull conversations together. There are tools for high level analysis, so you can see what people are talking about, what subjects are catching fire.

Cross-community development is occuring for Conversational Networks (Weblogs), but has not for Explicit, Private or Physical Networks.  This is also where social network analysis innovation will blossom as well as new social conventions.  Weblogs represent a kind of "open community" -- where participants can structure their participation in a number of communities and activity is visible to all.  The question is if other community models will open as well.

All products and services cycle between bundling vs. unbundling, between closed vs. open, depending upon if customers are savvy and demanding vs. if complexity or newness merits.  My sense is that we are at the point in the cycle where customers will increasingly demand unbundled open access to extend their their personal weblog platforms. 

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