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This weblog focuses on locating, evaluating, discussing, and providing guidelines to instructional resources for faculty and students in higher education. The emphasis is on free, shared, HE resources. Related topics and news (about commercial resources, K-12 resources, T&D resources, educational technology, digital libraries, distance learning, open source software, metadata standards, cognitive mapping, etc.) will also be discussed--along with occasional excursions into more distant miscellaneous topics in science, computing, and education. The EduResources Weblog operates in conjunction with a broader weblog called The Open Learner about using open knowledge resources across a diversity of subjects, levels, and interests for a wide range of learners and learning communities--students in schools and colleges, home schoolers, hobbyists, vocational learners, retirees, and others.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

As I begin to wind down this weblog it seems appropriate to reference this video by Vint Cerf on the history and future of the Net. I can remember participating in the early Usenet and with radio packet switching systems and with early newsgroups. The technology has certainly made things easier for current computing! ____JH

"During a July 2009 lecture at Singularity University, Vint Cerf ('the father of the internet' and Google Chief Internet Evangelist) gives a comprehensive overview of the state of the internet today, and what issues are arising as it continues to evolve. Includes discussions about IPv6, the need for cloud computing standards, the growing Asian prominence online, and the interplanetary internet."

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The EduResources Weblog will shut down in December (at the same time that Radio Userland the server support site shuts down). I will continue to operate my more general weblog at The Open Learner. I'm pleased that there are now many fine guideline sites to open academic resources for students and teachers (see the list of Recommended Weblogs) which did not exist when the EduResources Weblog was launched in 2002. Many thanks to all the readers who consulted EduResources. ____JH

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