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Friday, September 5, 2008

By now you have probably heard about Google's new browser, Chrome. It is built upon the same foundation as Safari and picks up a lot of open source technology from Firefox. I have not tried it out, because even though it is reputed to be Google's challenge to Microsoft's operating system, it only runs on Windows. I use a Mac. I do have a PC, but my wife uses it and I don't like to experiment too much with it. (Of all the people I've irritated with this blog, I've managed to irritate her only occasionally.)

Most pundits figure that Google is trying to make a faster browser so that it can serve up more ads. That actually makes more sense, albeit fewer headlines, than the idea that it will obsolete Microsoft some day. That's one reason that I still shy away from Google. It tracks everything you do--including all your email messages if you're on gmail--in order to serve up "relevant" advertising. I'm at a stage in life that I don't need to be swamped with advertising. I am interested in certain things, but by living a simple lifestyle I don't buy on a whim all the time. So, if it were really relevant, I suppose I wouldn't mind. I'm still a little suspicious with privacy concerns--ever notice that Google doesn't trumpet its original mantra of "do no evil?" That was obviously just a marketing poke at Microsoft. They must have a sense of humor over there.

Google is making a big splash in other ways. It has upgraded its calendar application. I've tried it twice for sharing within the AW staff. I'm giving it another shot after reading this Webware article.

Then I ran across this article explaining Google's launch of video apps for business.

If cloud computing catches on in a big way, Google will be at the top. Now we just need better broadband.

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Thanks to ValleyZen pointing out this new health site, Wellsphere. I'm always watching for current information on healthy eating and lifestyle.

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