December 20, 2002

802.11b Networking News: "Marriott adding Wi-Fi -- and, by the way, not using Wayport, but another firm they have a relationship with -- signals to the rest of the hotel industry that it's time to get serious about Wi-Fi."

STSN which is working with Marriott on the Wi-Fi access has a PDF guide (580 KB) on their site that has a chart of hotels that use STSN for guestroom/meeting room Internet access.

Already five hotels are listed with Wi-Fi available. Including the San Francisco Airport Marriott in Burlingame CA which Robert mentioned as a possible venue for the Weblogs in Meatspace conference. (The hotel was one of four Marriott hotels used as a test site for the service.)
9:42:52 PM  

Meg Hourihan: "Oh what a spoiled fool I'd become. It's no longer true that everyone I know has a high-speed connection, for I found myself sitting at the end of painfully slow and expensive dial-up connection in Paris, France."
9:28:39 PM  

NY Times: "Boston's massive Big Dig project, the most complex and expensive highway project in American history, will not be completely finished until 2004. But commuters can test drive the new network of highways and tunnels without ever getting into a car."

9:59:04 AM  


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