April 1, 2003

Was catching up with John's weblog, when I noticed a request for some suggestions on getting rid of spam. Answering several email accounts, I receive a few thousand pieces of spam a week. I usually can pretty quickly scan through my inbox looking at the From address, subject line and if there's any HTML, but I decided to try using McAfee's SpamKiller.

It runs on the client and periodically polls your email accounts against a set of rules to look for spam. It's not that more advanced then the built in Outlook rules, but they also regularly release updates to the filter rules. The latest update includes a rule to exclude emails with the subject line of "iraq t-shirts" which I've seen quite a few times recently.

(The next version of Outlook supposedly has improved junk email filtering. They also mention some new technology from Microsoft Research being incorporated into the new version. Here's a page from MS Research's site on a Bayesian Approach to Filtering Junk E-mail).
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