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Wednesday, September 3, 2003

John Scott: "So I remain a dagga virgin. Any rooker will tell you that's a terrible thing to be, let alone confess to, when you've already reached your sixties, though I remain hopeful that our unconventional health minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang will one day allow South Africans to take marijuana for medicinal purposes."
5:45:06 PM    

Oh shit. I need this.
5:42:09 PM    

We take our soccer seriously here in holland. RSS subsbribers with an enclosure aware aggregtor will automagically recieve the attached file.
4:54:48 PM    

I'm a halley's comment reader and am a subscriber (through RSS) and I'm blushing this morning!
1:18:14 PM    

Dave: "Blogs are a very American thing."
12:08:42 PM    

Been working on the new tv show for the past two days. Weblogs are going to be a big part of this. I'm writing up an essay, but first I'm going to celebrate my 39th birthday as the dutch do. Birthdays are a big deal here, and the entire family is to be congratulated as a matter of cultural protocol: ("congratulations with your wife/husband/brother/son/unlce's birthday").
12:01:59 PM    


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