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Thursday, October 14, 2004

I finished recording and compressing today's Source Code by about 3pm and needed to find some bandwidth for the 35 meg upload.

Two hotspot locators told me to go to the Total gas station on the E19 highway which runs south to France and North to Holland, about 15 minutes from the house. Since it was raining and I knew I would need maximum battery power to complete the lengthy upload, I didn't war drive on the way and doubt I would've found anything anyway.

Do I need to tell the part about there not being any wifi at the gas station? Didn't think so.

Then I remembered that I had installed 4 eMacs and 2 airports at Christina's old neighborhood grade school. But that was a few years ago. I drove to the school and cracked the laptop and sure enough the network came up and I was connected!

Now the school was already closed by this time so I had to find a spot in the parking lot that would get maximum strength. Unfortunately no spots were ideal to park the car and there was no cover readily available. So I wound up parking nearby the gym with the window rolled won, laptop's butt sticking out about 2 inches and using the laptop carrying case as a rain shield. See photo.

The upload speed wasn't great, god knows what those kids have running by now on the machines... But I was able to complete a complete iPodder scan and download while uploading today's show. Hopefully everythig will be back to normal by tomorrow morning! Enjoy today's Source Code, it's 43 minutes long.

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