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  Monday, October 25, 2004

I bit the bullet and drove all around town(s) in search of some temporary solution for recording to mp3 externally from my computer. I got quite an education in what's available and it's all podcast ready! So I recorded an intro on the (low quality) memo-recorder function on my way home from the store.

The 'bic lighter' size mp3 recorder is damn handy. And because I'm recording from the headphone jack, it's feasible that I could record a podcast on almost any computer that is handy, or plug in my hi-quality microphone for podcasts on the go. Now for a battery powered mixer so I can mix in tunes from my iPod and I'm really set!

The show is 43 minutes long and comes in 19.7 megabytes of podtune filled fun :)


7:32:42 PM    

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