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Monday, March 25, 2002

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Oy, Karl just flamed me on his site. Sorry Karl, I thought we could have an interesting back and forth, and further, I thought what you were writing was interesting. Nothing more than that. I'm grateful to you for recording your experiences publicly. Yes, I am proud of my software, but I'm sure that Greymatter and Movable Type are fine products too. Keep on truckin. 12:30:14 PM

A picture named evilbertaward.gifKarl Martino's experiments with Movable Type continue. He says that Radio works the same way as MT, but with all due respect, I don't think that's true.

When I post something to my weblog, three files are updated, every time. 1. The weblog home page, 2. the archive for the day, and the 3. RSS feed. On my first post of a day, the calendars for every other day in the month are re-rendered and upstreamed.

Key point, and perhaps Karl doesn't know this (he's not using Radio after all), when I post something to my weblog, it takes me back to the editing page in less than two seconds, where I can edit my post or do another one. There's a link on the desktop website home page to the public (static) version. Unless there's a lot of congestion on the net, by the time I click on the Home link, the new version has already been upstreamed. I ususally can't get there before the update has happened.

There are fundamental differences between Movable Type and Radio, architectural ones, and tweaks. We optimized the user experience of Radio, ask the beta testers, it's documented on the Radio-Dev list. When Karl says it's all the same, I don't think he's right about that. Radio doesn't make the user wait while it does the work.

In any case, it's great that there are users checking out all the blogging products and writing about their experiences. This is one area the bloggers should be able to shine. Let's get more comparative reviews on the tradeoffs of various approaches. This way we can all learn more quickly, and the art of blogging software can advance. Thanks.

11:06:16 AM

BTW, in case you're new to Dave's Handsome Radio Blog, it's been my testbed for Radio development work for more than one year. These days, since Radio does all my image management, it's very easy for me to just post a trail of images that have appeared on Scripting News. 7:29:44 AM

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