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 mercredi 15 mai 2002

Some real estate investment basics by John T. Reed

John T. Reed's analysis of Robert T. Kiyosaki's book Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Dan Bricklin: The Address Bar bottleneck

Only connect: "What do ant colonies have in common with the internet? Steven Johnson, author of Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software, explains the concept of 'bottom-up' intelligence"

The funktrain guy noticed me. Eh, I can't find your name anywhere on your site! : "Shigeru Miyamoto, 49 ans, créateur de Mario et Zelda, éminence grise de Nintendo et pilote de la console GameCube".

JLG last 2 pieces: Une industrie cabossée mais bien vivante (Google English translation). JLG shows his optimism about the industry, talking about Apple, Paypal and Logitech. Après la colère (Google English translation). JLG analyzes the French elections.

With the new design of the French Newspaper Libération, I had difficulties to find where JLG's chronicles were. I wonder if it's the end of his chronicles on Libé. If so, it will be time for JLG to start his own weblog, so that I can stop my temporary JLG weblog. Let's hope that JLG won't stop to speak!

Marrant : Sur le nouveau site de Libé, Un des formulaires de recherche pointe vers une url quelque peu étrange... .Sympa le site de preproduction!

A look inside Jaguar. The next big OS X upgrade. New features like Ink: "Jaguar features advanced handwriting recognition. Graphics professionals will appreciate the ability to input text via stylus instead of switching to the keyboard. You can write directly in Mail messages and TextEdit documents, or use the InkPad to write text and draw sketches before sending them to your favorite applications. Ink requires an input tablet." Imagine if Ink required a PowerGlove! You would look a little bit stupid moving your arm around you, writing in the air! Eh.

Rack'N'Roll! Apple introduces the Xserve. Eh, it's the first time I ever wanted a rack at home

Joel reviews the different types of software development in his Five Worlds piece: Shrinkwrap, Internal, Embedded, Games, Throwaway. Fast Handwriting Recognition with MyScript.

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