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 mardi 28 mai 2002

Please look carefully to the "France 0" sign as it should not last long.

World Cup fans, the live page for the opening France-Sénégal game on Friday is ready on Yahoo!

Interview: Larry McVoy, creator of BitKeeper, a Source Control Management tool.

I expected the headers to turn bold, and spaces between the headers and the links.

Another test. Yes I love tests. Actually I try to find tests that fail, but eh, it's difficult. :-)

Answer: Yes.

This is a test of my new Blogroll list on the left. Will it work the first time? ......

Quelqu'un d'autre a aimé Curucucu... Un jeudi soir c'est pas gagné mais j'dis pas non... A suivre...

JM tells me what is a canneberge: n. f. Variété d'airelle à baies rouges comestibles; fruit de cette airelle. (En usage, surtout au Québec, dans le langage commercial.) (V. atoca, pomme* de pré.) (via ). une image, et pour savoir ce que cela soigne. Merci JM!

John Robb: The New Economy II."Fortunately, in 2015, we will be able to make more money than ever before and the prices of the goods and services we buy will likely be the same or less." Yes maybe, but we'll be 13 years older!

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