Monday, June 27, 2005 
NahenaheNet Podcast #003 goes up. This 'cast goes into new territory. It features a conversation with Kenneth Makuakāne, one of Hawai'i's most prolific composers, producers, and a musician's musician. There's not much that Kenneth can't do, and he is the holder of about a dozen Na Hoku Hanohano Awards (Hawai'i's equivalent of the Grammy Award) for his work. We talked about the possible ramifications of the elimination of compulsory licensing, a topic that Kenneth posted about on my NahenaheNet weblog. The podcast also includes music from last year's Na Hoku Hanohano Award winning CD "Hula Lives" by Kimo Alama Keaulana and Lei Hulu.
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Response from NARAS. To give both sides equal time on my humble blog, here is the response from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences ("The Grammy" folks) the the Grokster decision.

My take: Both sides are full of sh*t.

The EFF and other supporters are willing to ignore, or at least gloss over, the fact that the networks are primarily used as a means to illegally distribute copyrighted material by arguing that some legitimate uses exist for the network, and they are indeed used in those legitimate ways. The RIAA, NARAS and MPAA, on the other hand, are full of it in ways that I'll get into later.

P.S., I am a NARAS member.

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Geek news talks about this development, too , so I assume it is safe. I listened to Adam Curry's Gnomedex podcast, too. I didn't recall him specifying that it would be on Tuesday or Wednesday, but will take Geek News' word for it. They also talk about today's Supreme Court decision on Grokster.
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Dave has been hearing rumors regarding iTunes and podcasting. I'm not taking any chances and saying any more, just pointing to Dave.
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