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Friday, November 1, 2002

Brian Sabean's Back. So Sabean signs a multi-year deal to return as the SF Giants' GM. Now we can focus on getting Dusty signed. Turns out we also have two other players who could leave: Bell and Sanders. I'd characterize Bell as a "must sign" and Sanders as "nice to have."
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Microsoft Coverage by Scott Rosenberg at Salon My column talks about how the judge's decision, while seemingly "in the public interest" point by point, fails to reflect the public interest as a whole.

Farhad pulled together a diverse and contradictory set of reactions to the decision.

Andrew Leonard picked the wrong day to be on vacation (or the right one, depending how you look at it!). [Scott Rosenberg's Links & Comment]

Dave Winer states correctly that it is a sad day for America and for the software industry. The court showed a clear inability to think for itself.

The only effective way to stop Microsoft is to boycott them. We must figure out a way to gather momentum for this cause. More tomorrow.
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