Monday, May 24, 2004
nothing to see here

Just picked up the second edition of Hillegass' Cocoa book. Looks like a decent improvement over the first edition, which was a fantastic book as well. They updated it to use Xcode and Panther, as well as going into more depth on things like Applescript.

I suppose if you've already got the first book and don't want to drop another $45, you should stick with the first one. But I'd lost my copy of the first book, so I needed this one.

Of course, now that I've bought a replacement, the older one will turn up.

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strange things make me happy

I've been playing with the shared bookmark service a bit. I find a lot of interesting stuff that way, it's become one of the ways that I will look for things now.

I noticed that my "Dave's Theory of Software Pricing" post started to draw hits from last week, it seems that someone saved a bookmark to it, and other people started to notice. I think that's pretty cool.

Just wanted to share.

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