Tuesday, June 01, 2004
weekend stuff

I went to see "The Day After Tomorrow" on Saturday. No, it wasn't my idea. My wife likes movies where nature has some sort of revenge on man, and knew it was going to be stupid, but wanted to see it anyway. We went to a matinee, so at least it was somewhat cheap. Yes, I laughed inappropriately in several places. Everything bad that reviewers have been saying are absolutely true.

I picked up one of these yesterday, while I was running around town. It's pretty cool -- the games have obviously been adapted for the television, in that the resolution and color depth of the graphics (even for these early videogames) have been reduced to work on the TV, and the sound is somewhat cheesy, but wow. All those games in an enclosure the size of a joystick, and all for $25. I'm gonna buy the others (the atari joystick, the activision joystick, and the ms. Pacman joystick when it comes out). Hard to go wrong -- all of these classic games, in very portable forms, for very reasonable prices. I guess I'm their target market -- old enough to remember growing up with these games, with a long time dream to actually own the machines.

Went to Hurricane Ridge on Sunday. My wife and I go here whenever we can, and the campground at the foot of the ridge (Heart of the Hills) is always one of our first choices when it's time to go camping. We just needed to get out of town, so we drove up there, hiked a little bit, read books a little bit, and then played Scrabble (a current obsession of ours).

I'm working my way through the 2nd edition of the Hillegass Cocoa book. I like the updates, it includes everything I'd hoped it would, like Cocoa Bindings (although one of the challenges takes the same app you built with bindings and has you do it the old fashioned way, which is good to know because some widgets do not yet have support in Cocoa bindings (like NSOutlineView, for instance). Good book. Highly recommended.

New PyObjC release. They're up to 1.1 now. Cool.

Picked up the second season boxed set for The West Wing. I love the early shows. The latest season lacked the sparkle. It lacked the crackle. It felt like a series of "Very Special" episodes. It felt like ER. Which is not surprising, since the guys writing for The West Wing used to write for ER (and maybe still do, don't know for sure). Don't get me wrong, I like ER, but ER is not The West Wing.

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