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Friday, May 31, 2002

ehh hmm I would think that Google could do this better and it would be done automatically and with a lot less effort. Creative Commons seems kind of pointless.  Am I missing the point.

If you post material in the public domain such as to the "Web" then it seems that you could simply create a license like a software developer does, that is included in the download with the material. Then Google, WayBackMachine or site logs could be used in my defense of when I first published it.

Maybe creative commons should work on general licenses for the public domain instead of a protocol.


9:11:44 AM    

I can't wait! I am getting a new machine today.  It's funny how I never get excited about getting a new wintel machine!  

My only guess is that I started working with computers on a Mac, in fact I have quite the collection of Macs going; I even have an SE30 “you would be amazed on how fast it actually boots compared to a modern Mac" ;-o.  I should blow the dust off my copy of Think C and start playing again.

8:15:48 AM    

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