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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I'm testing the mail to weblog feature again, but trying something a little different...

Did it work?  11:57:02 AM      

I'm testing the mail to Radio weblog feature. If you see this on my Radio weblog, it worked!  11:46:42 AM      

Wednesday, January 29, 2003
Make those long URLs Tiny!

What a cool tool for making those really long URL's readable and shareable! You have got to check out this site--

Still not sure how TinyURL can help you? Here's an example from the TinyURL web site that makes it clear what TinyURL does:

Turn this URL: data=afbX8DbyAoesP8oMVXE9yH15Yqfri%252f0FnbmKKpfMbrjLn0o8BLJ 1%252bTQRc5bB8ZoqtlOeDdZwlJtHLgfMIVHUWlmPWw8uDAvn6M%252bkyj2 OhU7lZS%252fzgR6gc6Gc6UR0nFUKiKZ%252fUA1FA7i4GoxVbNUmI3sVoXm LsVCjdi1tcAxjLEEXFdAvuJU%252bwjYfFeWO15n%252fiFsgXNxKDxWULBF tyxoa65AuWb0a5SU%252ftWdT4P7e8CtC9acf37axZa%252fI2MWC7g54TPL 6YB%252bwcKdZuh60N%252fb83BrfUSLSD%252ffK1nJ16Ma8D%252fc%253 d&click=center

into this tinyURL:

Which one would you rather cut and paste into your browser? That's the power of TinyURL!

There is a link on the page that you can drag into your toolbar to create a TinyURL tool in your browser toolbar for converting those long URL's on the fly. Use it the next time you want to send a long URL to someone by email and be confident the URL won't break.

Way cool!

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Tuesday, January 28, 2003
Apple updates Power Macs, releases 20-inch display

[MacCentral]  9:29:39 AM      Google It!

Learning the Terminal in Jaguar, Part 2

Here's a good article that includes info on setting up Sendmail on OS X:

In Part 1, Chris Stone focused on rescheduling default system cron jobs by modifying the system crontab file. Here in Part 2, he shows you how to configure cron to email a report to you each time it runs one of these jobs. [O'Reilly]  9:12:04 AM      Google It!

Friday, January 24, 2003
"Why We Know Iraq Is Lying"

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Benjamin Franklin

"To lengthen thy life, lessen thy meals." [Motivational Quotes of the Day]  12:01:38 PM      Google It!

Thursday, January 23, 2003
Thomas Jefferson

"In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock." [Quotes of the Day]  1:16:29 AM      Google It!

Sunday, December 22, 2002
NetNewsWire Pro 1.0b12

NetNewsWire Pro 1.0b12 adds better support for Blosxom and Blosxom-compatible weblogs, including support for sub-folders and a script that can be run when posting a new or edited file.

Here are the change notes. []  1:50:13 PM      Google It!


Favicon. Ever since Safari was released a handful of days ago, Mac related newsgroups, mailing lists and forums have lit up with messages penned by dogged IE users suddenly confronted for the first time by that little 16x16px graphic in the location bar known as a web site's favicon. "What is it?" "How do I configure Apache to show them?" "How do I create one?" "Where do they come from?" If you fall into this camp (it's okay, don't be shy), head over to for a quick FAQ about the little buggers. I recommend using Graphic Converter to export your... [[Read More] from: What Do I Know]  12:21:52 PM      Google It!

Printing Address Labels from Address Book on OS X

If you have ever wanted to print address labels from Mac OS X's Address Book (think Christmas cards), you probably found that Apple doesn't yet provide a way to do it from within Address Book itself.

Fortunately, Eric Hanson at Incarna LLC wrote a great little application called iDress that makes printing address labels from Address Book entries a breeze.

The free Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for the software to work correctly. Be sure to follow the simple setup instructions to get your labels to line up (most important, be sure to uncheck the automatic scaling option built into Acrobat Reader's print options). The setup instructions are included with the software download as a PDF file.

iDress creates a PDF file from your Address Book entries and sends it to your printer. The software does all the hard work for you-- it comes with envelope templates, Avery templates, and Dymo label printer templates, among others. When you update your Address Book groups, iDress updates your labels automatically.

The software is only $15.00 and can be used in Demo mode for evaluation. (it adds a watermark to your labels in Demo mode).

Be sure to check out the comments at Version Tracker for other user's feedback, but I give iDress a 5 out of 5.  11:54:11 AM      Google It!

How to Copy Previously Burned DVD Disks

One of the problems with burning your personal video footage to a DVD disk is that it can be difficult to work with your content once it has been burned to DVD. There is no good (easy) way to rip a digital copy to your hard drive from the DVD disk for editing, and even if you just want to make a duplicate copy of the entire disk for backup, figuring out how to do it is not very straightforward.

Say for example that you create some digital footage with your MiniDV camera of your children playing. You then burn the video to a DVD disk using a computer driven DVD recorder, or with one of the new DVD-R recorders from Panasonic and others. You then decide you would like to make a backup copy of your DVD, or you want to send a copy of your video on DVD to your closest relatives. Unfortunately, there is no really easy way to accomplish the task.

Google to the rescue. Here is a page and here is another page that gives instructions for duplicating a DVD created with Apple's iMovie and iDVD, but the same procedure worked with a DVD I had created with my Panasonic DVD recorder (personal footage recorded from an old VHS tape that I needed to duplicate on DVD so my Dad could have a copy).

The author cautions that this procedure should only be used for material where you are the copyright holder. The last thing we all need is a regulatory crackdown that makes even this procedure for duplicating a DVD impossible.

Here is a summary of the procedure:

"Follow these steps in Mac OS X to make a duplicate of a DVD-R Video disc you previously made with iDVD and no longer have the original source material to burn the disc again in iDVD.

1. Insert the DVD-R Video disc that you created with iDVD into the SuperDrive.
2. Open the Disk Copy application (/Applications/Utilities).
3. Choose New Image from Device from the Image menu.
4. Select the disc you want to copy then click Image. You may need to click the disclosure triangle next to the disc to see the DVD-R Video disc you want to copy (See Figure 1). Note: With a single hard drive, the SuperDrive will appear as Disk1.
5. Type a file name and then choose DVD/CD Master from the Image Format pop-up menu.
6. After the image has been created, choose Burn Image from the Image menu (Mac OS X 10.1) or File menu (Mac OS X 10.2).
7. Select the image you just created and when prompted, insert a blank DVD-R disc. Note: This procedure will only work with discs originally created with iDVD. It will not work with copy protected DVD-Video discs. iDVD and Disk Copy are licensed for reproduction of non-copyrighted materials or materials you are legally permitted to reproduce."
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From Notepad tips

Another new NetNewsWire Pro page: Notepad tips. []  1:42:28 AM      Google It!

NetNewsWire Pro Beta

The excellent news reader, NetNewsWire Lite has gone Pro with this new beta offering from Ranchero software.

The Pro version includes a notepad for preparing weblog entries, and a weblog editor so that you can post to the most common weblog applications from within NetNewsWire Pro (This post is coming from NetNewsWire Pro Beta, posted to this Radio weblog)

For more info and to download this new application, visit the developer's site, Ranchero Software, here.  12:43:33 AM      Google It!

Thursday, December 19, 2002
testing again

testing again  1:12:39 PM      Google It!

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