Friday, April 7, 2006
"Is the blog an ePortfolio?"

Lifia_Logo I am at the Lifia ePortfolio conference in Richmond, BC. Maureen Layte from Eifel is bringing a European perspective to all things related to ePortfolios and the encompassing eStrategies. While discussing e-strategies, Maureen lists many related themes of interest including blogs, social software, personal learning spaces, eAdministration, eHealth and personal development plans. Each one of these topics likely sheds light on where ePortfolios need to go....

At one point Maureen provocatively asked the audience 'Is a blog is an eportfolio?'. Nobody took the bait. There is definitely a sense in the room that bloggers and their practices may shed some light on successful ePortfolio use and adoption.

The conference continues through tomorrow. Perhaps we can figure this nut out ;-).


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