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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes.  I had a very nice day, and finished it off with some golf and beer with a good friend (who has only been playing golf for a month or two and is already playing as well as I do).

10:39:50 PM    

What could be better than Elk Turds for my birthday? Eh!

How about Beer Sauce!!!

10:30:46 PM    

September 15th.

We all know what day that is, don't we?

Keiro-no-hi of course.

3:29:15 PM    

While I was at the rink yesterday I watched a little girl playing. Mom was watching older sister skating and younger sister was entertaining herself. Actually mom wasn't paying too much attention to either daughter, but was getting in some quality chatting with some of the other moms.

So little one is coloring in her coloring book with some markers. That doesn't last too long though. Next she collects all the markers and starts stacking them end on end into one long marker. Eventually they fall and there are markers everywhere. Wow! A cool new game. Arrange the markers on the steps of the bleachers. Wow! another cool game. Stand at the bottom of the bleachers and try throwing the markers onto each step. Wow! Another cool game...

And so it went one cool new game after another. Playing is fun. I so wanted to get up and play some of the games this little girls was inventing. I figured out each one in seconds and they all looked like fun.

But to do that would Be Reckless. "The other thing that keeps you young, in my experience, isÖ keep playing. Play with your kids. Play with your lovers. Play with your friends. Play with your dog. Play with yourself. Live life as a big fun game. And remember, itís not so much about all the toys you can get. Itís more about the games you can invent to entertain yourself and others."
10:09:27 AM    

I was listening to some of the Blogher podcasts over at IT Conversations and there was some interesting talk about linking and A-List bloggers. As a blogger who writes a journal style blog the talk about A-Lists, and top 100 lists, and not finding women bloggers in searches just sounded weird.

The blogs I read regularly are on my list of subscriptions because they say interesting things. Write interesting things and people will find you.

I currently subscribe to 130 sites, and I usually end up traveling to maybe a half dozen other sites that are linked from my subscriptions. I don't read 131 sites everyday, I only "see" the ones that have updated, and of those I only go and read them if it sounds like an interesting read.

Today I posted a few links to things that I found interesting this morning. It just so happens that two are blogs by women and the other is poetry by a smart young woman on her grandfather's site.
9:27:21 AM    

"Heart's Desire: Know what you want"

"First things first, know what you want. And be as specific as possible. The universe responds more readily to specific requests that are not out of proportion."

Heart's desire. Specific request. My heart's desire is "out of proportion". I wonder how you go about changing your heart's desire?
9:25:17 AM    

"When we sat down to wait for our take-out order I couldnít stop laughing, and Jon looked at me like, ìWe live here voluntarily, you know that, donít you?î"

Voluntarily, yes.

7:12:23 AM    

"The tale is over
As I sit here alone
I know where I am


7:09:14 AM    

"And in the end all you have is the memories
The memories that haunt you until your very last breath of life
Yet still we strive with our very last might about what could have been
And what you should have seen
Longing to be able to only take that one last breath with you

Wise beyond her years.

7:02:33 AM    

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