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  Sunday, January 27, 2002

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potable: Word of the Day. potable [ Word of the Day]
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What are these called? Who made these?

If any of you are antique buffs out there, I need a little help. We found this 60's set ice tea glasses and pitcher in an antique shop when we in Missouri this fall. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I remember these being one of those supermarket deal, if you buy $X amount of groceries, you could buy a glass or serving piece for 29 cents. Each piece is glass, covered in a rubberized material with a stringy texture. They came in several colors including a pale purple.If you have any information on this, email me at

2:55:28 AM    

Tweak the Child in You: Remember When

Remember the Gilbert Chemistry Set? Or the Erector Set? Well-- the home of inventor A.C. Gilbert's is now the home of the National Toy Hall of Fame in Salem, Oregon. Dr. Gilbert was an Olympic Gold Medallist, physician and holder of over 150 patents who truly believed play was key to unlocking the imagination of a child.

If the number of Nobel or Westinghouse/Intel Science Fair Winners who owned either product is any indication of a toy's success, Dr. Gilbert is owed a debt of gratitude for encouraging the development of many scientific and engineering heavyweights. Every year the National Toy Hall of Fame elects a number of all time great toys to its Hall of Fame. What is neat about this is that YOU -- John Q. and Jane M. Pubic has the opportunity to nominate the toys of their choice for the committee of 100 people to vote.

My nominations this year are going to be the Gilbert Chemistry Set and the Intel Microscope. 


2:09:52 AM    

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