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  Tuesday, December 03, 2002

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December! We've Made It!

This is going to be one of those coffee klatch postings, because I have so much to do today.  Most of this was caused because Dr. D's Dad had a medical problem that ended up stealing my entire day dealing with the Kaiser Healthcare System.  The good news is he didn't have a heart attack, but he may be having surgery next month. 

While I haven't been writing, I do take breaks by reading. Like Jenny and Doc, I've been looking at Dave Sitfry's Technorati. It's honestly a work of art and worth supporting.

Jenny's also blogging about John Hiler's NY CityBlog. Looks like Hiler's trying to stretch the online community model into a targeted mainstream blog. Nothing new to me in concept. However CityBlog is taking it mainstream. The major problems in getting any blog accepted as a "place to stop online," is that Hiler will need to build creditability and consistancy with his audience and learn to share. The weblog world isn't kind to selfish webloggers who do not share and cross post.

And finally-- for the moment-- I've been reading a series of emails regarding Halley's Comment about feminism and girlism. Like Doc and Mrs. Doc, Dr. Doug and I have never found feminism or being political correct something attractive. One of the things about Doug that was appealing was he never had any hangups about my job when we met. Have I met other people in the school/workplace that had a problem with a women (like me) who did the type of work I did?  Yes. Did it bug me? Yes.  But the best way to deal with those situations is do the best job regardless of gender. My Mother set the example on this years before me. I just followed. From where I sit, I personally like being female, dressing like a women and enjoy the company of most men. There's no gender confusion in this house!

Afterthought Sheila Lennon hits the nail on the head here. I love the lines"Some doors only open for alpha males." and  "My career goal is a laptop on the beach." Amen. I've observed the alpha males for years. My observations on that later. Like Sheila, I'm still looking for a decent beach of my own.

More later... I have stuff to do.

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