Monday, April 07, 2003

It appears Benetton (the Italian fashion company) is still clueless as a rock. Several months ago it was reported that Benetton was going to implant radio frequency microchips inside their clothing so that they could "track" a piece of clothing at various locations including other locations-- not just their stores, through its supposed lifetime. The idea was to be able to build a marketing and loss prevention model for the business.  However "We the Public," were not amused at the potential for a retailer to invade our privacy. Many people were voting with their wallets. Now it appears Benetton is dropping the program.  Amazing how business "gets it" when money is involved.

Personally the first geek who makes a reader/remover has the potential to become real rich. 

I wonder if microwaving the garments for about 30 sec? would kill it?  Any thoughts? 

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