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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
> Dumont

"One is bound to believe that the handing down of culture will not be suspended, but that is may take new paths which will not be only vertical, between generations, but also horizontal inside the generations themselves, through the combined support of new technologies of communication and information and of the intensification of intercultural exchanges between nationalities and States."(The Handing Down of Culture Smaller Societies and Globalization |Chapter 1 | Fernand Harvey)

"Dumont claims, for example, that his nostalgia for the popular culture he had lost was lined for him with an "opportune distancing, a precious naivete when faced with the scholarly culture that was its counterpart" (1997: 63). And he stresses, against the domination of the printed word and the emergency of the new media, the importance of orality within the milieu from which he came and of live dialogue and verbal interaction in education, at any level whatever."(Mots Ploriels | The dynamics of autobiography: from anthropological anchorage to the intercultural horizons)

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