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Saturday, March 18, 2006
> edu positioning in critical consciousness

. . . the basic components of Freire's literacy method:

- participant observation of educators "tuning in" to the vocabular universe of the people;

- their arduous search for generative words at two levels: syllable richness and a high charge of experiential involvement;

- a first codification of these words into visual images which stimulate people "submerged" in the culture of silence to "emerge' as conscious makers of their own "culture";

- the decodification by a "culture circle" under the self-effacing stimulus of a coordinator who is no "teacher" in the conventional sense, but who has become an educator-educatee - in dialogue with educatee-educators too often treated by formal educators as passive recipients of knowledge;

-a creative new codification, this one explicitly critical and aimed at action, wherein those who were formerly illiterate now egin to freject their role as mere "objects" in nature and social history and undertake to become "subjects" of their own destiny;
(Paulo Freire. Education for Critical Consciousness. Introducation by Denis Goulet. viii)- See: Education

:: note :: ... was lead to this ... the role of positionality and how it impacts the adult learner ...

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