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Sunday, January 27, 2008
> Prairie Sustainability

"At a school with a locked-away ivorytower board of governors, one can feel hopeless to try to engage real change, Darwish of the Sierra Club told the group. "In my year it was cool to be an activist. It was cool to fuck shit up, but campuses are getting more corporate.""(The Sheaf | Vol.99 Issue 22/ Jan. 24 2008 | pdf file)

"The Prairies Sustainable Campuses Conference will bring together campus community members from across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta to build a regional network as part of the national movement to institutionalize social and environmental sustainability on campus."(Prairie Sustainable Campus Conference)

Saskatchewan Education for Sustainable Development

Mike Hudema
Liela Darwish
Rosa Kouri

- See: Politics Environment Activism

:: note :: ... a rich example of students working on important issues ... wishing to document this ...

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