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Wednesday, February 13, 2008
> Highway's Dilemma

"... There's this attitude out there that only native actors can play native roles. But acting - the verb "to act" - means to pretend to be who you are not, so I don't believe in that idea that you have to be a native to play one. Look at [playwright] Morris Panych - and I don't want to say a word against him, because I adore the man - but what if someone were to come up to him and say, "You're only allowed to work with Polish actors?" He wouldn't have much of a career. If someone were to go up to Atom Egoyan and say, "You can work only with Armenian actors," his career would die tomorrow. There's a very real danger of that happening with native writers. And the older I get, the less interested I become in immersing myself in that problem."(Journey man The nomadic Tomson Highway talks about writing the first Cree opera By Martin Morrow,CBCNews.ca)

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:: note :: ... certainly not a new dilemma but wish to mark it once again ...

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