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Monday, April 28, 2008
> Gurawski's intern

He dreamed.

I was assigned to be an intern with Gurawski, a young stage designer with Grotowski. The Theatre of 13 Rows company was in transition moving from Opole to Wrocław and about to be relabeled "Teatr Laboratorium". This I knew but still relished this opportunity to be in the old Opole workspace.

As field work Gurawski had taken me to an old castle outside of Cracow leaving me stranded on the roof stripping away plaster to reveal rotten beams. Rain had caused significant damage and it was my job to expose all the potential structural damage. It was dangerous work. Often found myself in precarious positions barely hanging on. The building was deep in a forest and at one point I thought this was some kind of prototype for Brezinka.

Returning to Opole I set about sanding the raked stage for an early production which I identified would later become Apocalysis Cum Figuris. Discussing the show with Gurawski he took me through a visualization of the actors. A scene of the actors in the desert with Cieslak sprawled in the center. Hi description reminded me of a moment from The Constant Prince. Gurawski disappeared and an assistant sent me to his office. It was cluttered but on the desk I viewed complicated set designs and again quite puzzled I thought he hadn't read Towards a Poor Theater yet. The office had two desks and I wondered if the other belonged to dramaturg Ludwik Faszen, Carefully locking the door behind me am amazed that everything at this early date was already conceptualized.

He awoke.

- See: Dream

:: note :: ... kept waking and wanting to go back to sleep to keep dreaming ...

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