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What you alter in the remembering has yet a reality, known or not. - Cormac McCarthy


Tuesday, August 19, 2008
> #3

Acts of Indivisibility
(half sisters sitting on the edge of an empty theatre)

Libby:    Are we the angels?
Fanny:   (Sewing wings for the swan)
             Only if you trust that which you don't know.
Libby:    But we humans hate ourselves.
Fanny:   Only the very few trustworthy who dare to wholeheartedly be in love
              will . . .
Libby:     (interrupting) I just want to be happy
Fanny:   Ah happiness ... I have heard, meditate on the difference between the
              Important and the Essential, you will learn something secret.
Libby:     I feel I carry the rhythms in my face and hands.
Fanny:   Hold here tight. Gather up all the loose bits of memories and press into
              new form.
Libby:     (struggling & lets the fabric drop)
Fanny:    The sun begins in the night and ends in the middle of my spine.
Libby:     And the moon always seems to float wherever she wishes drifting
              without laws.
Fanny:   (embraces Libby)
Libby:     I used to think your kindness might be a sign of insanity.
Fanny:   When I am dead they shall find a picture of you in my heart.
Libby:    You once told me the transmigration of souls is about leaving one form
             of being behind for another.
             (a bell rings or a wolf howls)
Fanny:   Well.
Libby:    Thanks.
Fanny:   Take this. It has no name & is the colour of silence.

(both exit opposite sides leaving the wings behind)

- See: Plays

:: note :: ... #3 of 365... inspired by Fanny Howe ... much of my time has been spent alone on an empty stage after the student actors have left ...

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