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Monday, June 1, 2009
> Alice

Presented by the E. D. Feehan Drama Club, Alice an adaptation of Lewis Carroll's 1865 classic Alice in Wonderland proved to be a savvy & skilled production of humour and delight. Director Pat Lengert must be commended for his astute manoeuvring of complex scenes and set changes as well as a sharp eye for economy of action. All actors rallied around his cartoonish style bringing depth and enchantment without losing any of the irony embedded within the text.

The childish and whimsical images of this production transform the fantasy-ridden wonderland of Alice from a carefree or nostalgic escape from reality into imaginative distortions twined with the reality of childhood confusion. It is not illogical nonsense rather more the frustrations of youth making sense of the crazy "real" world. The students performed with boundless enthusiasm & intuition catching the allegory of the material with experienced innocence and most importantly with a sense of curiosity. Simple disguises of rabbit ears, top hats, hair band flowers and toques do nothing to conceal the inherent social criticism of ... well education. Great job.

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A little bit of song, poetry, riddle and a dose of madness left the audience craving for more.

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:: note :: ... pride in watching students take complete ownership for their work ... So why is a raven like a writing desk? Read To Catch a Bandersnatch(pdf) by Mark Burstein ... more pictures ...

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