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21 June 2003


A sign fixed to a paint mixing machine in Wickes DIY store, Sevenoaks.

You know what I was itching to do, don't you?

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Show update

Everything looks to be going well. The pictures are all at the gallery. The hanging is tomorrow. (Saying that makes me feel like a character in a western).

A couple of links for you:

Kim Moser at the Mirror Project (You may need to refresh. The Mirror Project still doesn't seem happy on its new server).

Exactitudes - I'm not sure where I found the link to this one. Was it bluishorange? Was it electolicious? Or was it Henry, the mild mannered janitor?

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Not just a nuisance. still from 'Farm Sluts'

If you still think that junk e-mail is just a nuisance but not really dangerous, think again. Here's a 20-minute movie that shows you how it can ruin your entire life: Farm Sluts, written and directed by Collin Friesen (approx. 40 MB, QuickTime and a pretty black sense of humour required). [via netbib weblog] [The Aardvark Speaks]

The Aardvark hits paydirt. Well - dirt, anyway.

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Happy solstice, everyone.
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UK's tiniest baby unveiled [BBC]
I'm interested in this as I was 10 weeks premature myself.
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Something in the woodshed

Have a look at Mike Gunderloy's weblog. He subscribes to the low frequency/high quality style of blogging.

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The Downward Spiral of Music Retailing [Slashdot]
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