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 Saturday, January 12, 2002

OK, the referer problem solved. Again within 10 minutes. Great support!

What do the Referes and Page-Reads count? Dave pointed to my radio.weblogs.com page, but that doesn't show up in my referers list.

Where did the "update now" feature of the news aggregator go?

One feature request resolved: I wanted the system pages to have the default theme, but all the other pages my w3future theme. It was as easy as putting the #template.txt file from the default theme into the www/system/pages dir. One strange thing though: the maintemplate pref shows the default theme, not my w3future theme.

I've been checking out Radio Userland since I woke up. I was planning to go to my parents today, but that'll have to wait.

I've all kinds of feature requests for RU8. That's not a good sign for programs, but a good sign for a platform, which is what RU8 is. It initiates new ideas.

One tip for the Userland programmers: remove all <font> stuff from the code and add class attributes. It makes changing the templates so much easier. (f.e. the adminMenu code)

Hmmm. RU 8.0 adds <P> elements in templates with empty lines. I do that to make the source a bit more readable... (Maybe it's a pref, haven't seen them all yet)

Template updated.

Time to take a look at all the prefs. (what a list! I love prefs)

Upstreaming didn't work, but it was fixed very quickly.

...in 1 minute 52 seconds, and it can be done faster I'm sure!

First post!

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