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Sunday, January 13, 2002

I like this idea of adding radio to Radio.

Now what if all weblogs and stories were also available as audio files like wav.  Think of the cool apps that would come from this.

Sure could add alot of these on a minature mem card.

And for us commuters that travel 1 + hour each way to work, cool way to catch up things during that boring ride. 

9:34:43 PM  comment []    

Google Effect on Domains

In this story by Dan Gilmor, he suspects that one of the reasons for the continuing shrinking number of Web sites reported by research firm, Netcraft, may be a result of the "Google effect''.


And for my 12 years old readers/listeners:


8:24:10 PM  comment []    

I received an Olympus DW-90 Digital Voice Recoder for Christmas.  Really easy to use.

The DW-90 comes with software called Digital Wave Player that transfers the audio messages off the recorder to the computer and saves them as wav files.

The DW-90 makes it easy to add voice to your Radio flow.

7:08:39 PM  comment []    

Makes sense.  Radio now has a voice.

My first voice message to radio.  test.wav

6:34:14 PM  comment []    

I'm trying to upload a small wav file (~80K) using upstreaming. I created a folder under www named audio and put the wav file in it.  I haven't seen any upstream activity pertaining to the audio folder or file in the events log. Do I need to update the directory.opml file to pick up the existance of the new audio folder and file? If that is so, how do I do that? Will the server allow me to upload a file of type wav?

Question submitted to Radio discussion group:$7417?mode=topic&;y=2002&m=1&d=13

8:01:18 AM  comment []    

How to I update the opml file?  Still poking.
7:19:40 AM  comment []    

update test
6:28:31 AM  comment []    

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