Monday, June 10, 2002

New version of LaunchBar was released today. Typical update-- slew of useful new features and the app is faster. Awesome app. It is the first app that I install when configuring a freshly built OS X box.

Speaking of new releases.... Apple unleashed their new ad campaign today. For anyone coming to the Mac from windows, the Apple site actually has a bunch of useful marketingspeak on the subject.

There are those within my family that have Macs and those that have PCs. The Mac users are consistently happier with their computing experience. The PC users are consistently pissed because their machine did something stupid to their data again. As the designated family administrator, I refuse to help family members with PCs (unless I'm at their house). It has saved me a lot of pain and them a lot of frustration...
4:29:36 PM    

Bifurcated Rivets is a neat little weblog that mostly collects links to wacky and interesting stuff. Occasionally, it has the brief bit of news or a quote, but always kept to a minimum of space.

Recently, Lindsay [owner of BR] coined the term GoogleSeed.

Sounds like a neat word to me. I'll spread the seed. If past history is any indication, the above search will list my weblog within about 36 to 48 hours....
1:42:48 PM