Friday, June 14, 2002

A beautiful satellite photo of nightfall over Europe...

Looks almost too good to not have been seriously processed, but is an awesome bit of imagery no matter what was done to it.
12:21:39 PM    

Recently, I have been moving from RTF to HTML for the documentation and notes for the various pieces of software I release.   HTML encourages read only viewing (I don't care if someone edits my README, but that doesn't mean I'm going to encourage it) and automatic live hyperlinks (i.e. the <a...></a> tag :) can be very handy, as well.

This is a move I wanted to make a long time ago, but was stymied by the lack of a decent HTML editor on OS X.  BBEdit, emacs, and TextEdit are a bit too low level -- I don't want to edit at the tag level.   On the other end of the spectrum, Word insists on spewing a lot of CSS and other content that is simply not at all conducive to creating simple HTML documents or fragments.   I have had some luck with WebObjects Builder, but it really isn't designed for word processing HTML.

Finally, a solution.   Mozilla's HTML editor does exactly what I want.  It acts like a word processor, but is fully HTML savvy.   The modes allow for everything from preview to structure editing.    The only fault of Mozilla is the incredible number of relatively minor UI glitches that abound throughout the app.  It just doesn't feel like a proper OS X application.   Then again, the price certainly can't be beat!

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9:27:03 AM