Saturday, October 12, 2002

As easy as py...

To make development of Cocoa applications in Python a bit more accessible, I created an Installer Package that contains the PyObjC module and a Project Builder template that creates a complete Python based Cocoa application project.

It is a 770k disk image.

The package installs the PyObjC module into the site-packages directory of the python distribution included with OS X 10.2.

A new project created by the Project Builder project will build and run a complete application that includes an application delegate and a basic target/action example. As such, it should provide a good starting point for learning how to develop Cocoa apps with Python.

A copy build phase is included in the project such that the PyObjC module is copied into the appropriate spot within the app wrapper when the 'install' target is used (i.e. "pbxbuild install" within the project directory from the command line).

Please let me know if you encounter any problems.

Update: While the installer package requires OS X 10.2, PyObjC does not. As long as you have Python 2.2 or higher installed on your OS X 10.1 or prior system, PyObjC can be isntalled from the source. See the pyobjc project page for information on obtaining the source. Once you have the source, a simple python install will install the pyobjc module. The Project Builder project will have to be adjusted slightly to point to the installation location. You can point the PythonBinPath default at the newly installed python binary.
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