Friday, November 1, 2002

So, by now everyone knows that Dell is selling Apple's iPod through their online store.

But try finding it! I did, but it was wedged deep.

Not that Apple is being slighted by Dell. Far from it. All of the MP3 players are buried in Dell's site. Not surprising considering that selling MP3 players to consumers is far from Dell's core business!

Frankly, I found that the news of Target selling the iPod to be more interesting and surprising. Target is not the first name the comes to mind when I think of places to buy top of the line electronics. That they have decided to sell the iPod means one of two things; the demand for iPods is really freakin' high [given the price and current market conditions, that would seem surprising] to drive it into their product line or Apple made one hell of a deal with Target. Then again, maybe the Target connection came through Amazon?

It also puts Apple in an interesting position. All of the deals regarding the iPod -- Best Buy, Target, Dell, etc... -- are focused on the Windows product. Frankly, I didn't think I would see the day when Apple [with Jobs at the helm] would push a Windows product as hard as they have with the iPod.

But, hey, difficult times require thinking different to survive...
3:49:14 PM    

We added a new fish to my 2 year old son's fish tank. It is an algae eater that will hopefully help control the algae growth a bit.

My son insists on calling the new fish Horse.

Odd. He knows what a horse is.

Then again, the new fish does eat nothing but green algae and algae does look kind of like underwater grass...

Maybe Horse isn't such a bad name after all!
8:37:05 AM