Wednesday, November 13, 2002

OS X Disk Journaling

Apple has released tech notes 107248 and 107249 which describe the journaling features of OS X 10.2.2.

Article #107248 describes how to enable journaling. Kindly, Apple provided both the UI driven instructions for OS X Server and the command line instructions that can be used on OS X client (and server).

Article #107249 provides a general overview of the journaling features on OS X, how it is implemented and the benefits gained when using Journaling.
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OS X 10.2.2 and CPU usage

Adam Curry is one of many people reporting that the kernel_task on their OS X 10.2 box gradually increases CPU usage until it is hogging the CPU and dogging the UI.

I have personally updated a number of machines to OS X 10.2.2, at this point, and have yet to see the problem on any machine. This indicates that it is likely a driver or system modification issue (because I really like my systems to be stable, I don't install Haxies -- no matter how cool / userful they are).

After chatting w/a friend who was experiencing the problem, the Haxie angle was eliminated-- he doesn't use 'em either. However, he does have an HP printer and a Wacom graphics tablet hooked up to his machine.

Both apparently require custom drivers and it appears that there is a problem with one driver or the other or both together. Not sure which.

In any case, if he unplugs both the tablet and printer, the problem goes away. I.e. it appears that it is an issue only as long as the device is connected.

So -- if you are experiencing the problem, try unplugging USB devices and see if it goes away. I seriously doubt the problem is associated with a stock keyboard / mouse, but there may be oddities with third party mice?

The only oddity I have seen is one computer where the mouse is simply not recognized-- no matter what brand-- until I hot plug it once the machine is booted. I'll have to try moving the mouse to the other USB port; there have been issues in the past that only occur on the primary or secondary USB port, not the other.
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