Monday, November 25, 2002

Scott Anguish needs a job...

Scott Anguish says:

Need a Cocoa or WebObjects developer? A writer? I need to find a job, very soon. I'm a veteran Cocoa and WebObjects developer and co-author of Cocoa Programming, along with having operated Stepwise for almost 9 years, and been active in the developer community.

I have worked with Scott off and on for a long, long time. He is an extremely knowledgeable/competent engineer and an all around good guy. If you need an experienced WO/Cocoa/OpenStep/NeXTSTEP engineer, hire Scott!

Scott is also one of those rare individuals that excels in a telecommuting situation. I have worked with Scott in the past where he has been remote to a project -- his well written, often lengthy, emails were invaluable to the team and communication was never an issue.
11:46:54 AM