Tuesday, November 5, 2002


Why is that the first result of searching for 'angry hippo' on Google leads to a really nasty porn aggregator?

Scrolling down the page reveals that the porn aggregator actually has an excerpt from an article that was headlined 'Angry hippo snaps, bites woman to death'. The 'article' has links to more nasty porn stuff.

Given the domain name and the attributes of that page, it looks like someone has written some code to generate hundreds of 'pages' that contain excerpts from news stories in an indexable fashion. Someone (like me) goes searching for something and ends up at a porn site instead.

Not very nice. More pollution within Google's otherwise excellent index. Pooglution.
5:05:37 PM    

Navigator 0.6.0

As everyone by now knows, a new version of Chimera [Navigator] shipped yesterday. Lots of improvements; first class keychain support is the most critical to me (since tabbed browsing already worked in 0.5.0).

There is one remaining bug that absolutely drives me batty. The Find panel is broken. It doesn't work like a real Cocoa/OS X app should!

First, if the user initiates a find by typing in a string and hitting return, the find panel should go away if the string was found (or display not found and stay on screen otherwise).

The Find panel also fails to use the global find pasteboard. So, if you select some text in TextEdit, hit cmd-e to enter the text into the find panel / find pasteboard, and switch to Navigator, it won't have the find string! Bummer.

There is a bug in Bugzilla requesting that the Find panel be fixed. If these things bug you, vote for the bug!

(Campaigning for bugs on election day. What a concept.)
3:38:06 PM