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Sunday, June 2, 2002

Went to Coney Island this afternoon for my pre-summer hot dogs. I like Nathan's dogs, but only at Nathan's. I do not think they travel well, they must be eaten within one block of the Nathan's mothership. I am sure the sights of Surf Avenue and the smell of the sand and ocean all contribute to their unique taste. I am not a fan of grilled dogs, save for the ones here and at ballgames, as I am very partial to DWDs (dirty water dogs) from the street vendors.

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The newest addition to Coney Island is the new ballpark (on the left) for the Brooklyn Cyclones, the Mets single A farm team. It is across the street (if a street still existed) from the old Steeplechase Park whose Parachute Jump frame is still there. I can remember going to Steeplechase Park on trips from my grammar school and not accepting the dare to go on the Parachute jump, my loss.
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Of cause on Coney Island you can walk for a mile and go from the complete honky tonk atmosphere of hot dogs, boardwalk barkers, corn on the cob and cotton candy, with all their smells

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to sushi, sliced sable and outdoor cafes and strollers at Brighton Beach.

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