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Monday, October 28, 2002

Contrary to popular belief Chaney, Rumsfeld and Ashcroft attended the rally. They went unnoticed because they took off their suits.

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There were representatives from all walks of life. Here we have a member of Corporate America.

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It was appropriate that the Anti-War in Iraq rally and march take place very close to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. An antiwar rally does honor to those who gave their lives heroically in a war that was based on a deliberate governmental lie.

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This guy probably went home very frustrated that he didn't have the opportunity to lob a couple of tear gas bombs into the crowd. I guess he misread the flyer; it was a march for peace.

I hope he didn't go home and take his frustrations out on his kids or his dog.

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This guy should really learn how to express his true feelings. I don't think it is healthy to keep them bottled up inside of himself.

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This sign points out the "good" in a war. A picture named There is some good in war!.jpg
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At the rally and march in DC on Saturday there were over 100,000 people. Among the speakers were the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Ramsey Clarke and Dick Gregory. All the speakers had the same message, but these three along with a Congresswoman whose name I did not recognize nor do I remember were particularly moving and well spoken. I have a weakness for a person who is an accomplished public speaker and can move the audience with passion, reason and logical arguments. These four were extremely good at this task.

One of the individualist signs (non-printed) that was at the march.

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Read in the paper this morning that the World Series is over; they should have told us in NY that it was started.

Condolences to the San Francisco Giants and their fans. Their loss reminds me of a story that I think appeared in Time Magazine many years ago, in fact it was in 1971. I remember the year because it was around the time of my father's death. In the story the author is trying to define the word loser. He comes up the following analogy (remember this is before the Dallas Cowboys began to win); to be a loser is like being like the Dallas Cowboys, the San Francisco Giants and Germany. What a trio.

In all fairness it was a good series. Since I am by nature a Democrat, unionist and a National League fan, I had hoped that SF would win, but fate was not to be messed with.

Again condolences to the SF Giant fans, they really should have stayed on Coogan's Bluff.
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