Wednesday, July 23, 2003

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Why people do not ask questions? (2).

I'm still thinking about Why people do not ask questions? and there are some updates:

Sylvie adds

One problem may be that people don't know WHO to ask. Also, what about the cost of finding: will it take me more time to find the answer than the time that finding the answer will save me?

Denham Grey adds

My guess it is all about social identity. If you feel confident in yourself there is little to stop you asking a 'dumb' question. You are not concerned what others may think of you - you need to get an answer and move on.

Denham also provides a beautiful quote (I may be wrong here, because it isn't 100% clear) from Verna Allee:

Only questions have the power to beak our current midsets, they set in motion the deep relection needed to alter our beliefs.

It is the place and the space 'between not knowing and our desire to know' where we are most attentive, self-aware and alive. Questions hold the key to this special area.

David Buchan suggests to look in Charles Feltman's paper Leadership and enemies of learning. In this paper the author actually refers to the key enemies of learning described by Julio Olalla:

  • Our inability to admit that we don't know
  • The desire for clarity all of the time
  • Lack of priority for learning "I don't have time"
  • Inability to unlearn
  • Ignoring the emotional dimension of learning
  • Ignoring the body dimension of learning
  • Confusing learning with acquiring information
  • Not giving permissions to others to teach us
  • Lack of trust

I knew that the discussion would point to the learning domain earlier or later.  I have something to add to this, but this post is getting too long :)

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