Friday, July 25, 2003

Still trying to get at least one TrackBack to show up on this weblog.
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Testing against WebDog for TrackBack
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The next beta release of TrackBack for Radio is ready for testing.

This version includes support for inbound TrackBack pings, various bug
fixes, a new prefs page for configuring TrackBack, and a field on the
desktop website home page for entering URLs of posts you'd like to ping

We'd appreciate your help testing.

*** How to test:

1. Download the following file, and import it into Radio using the Open
command in Radio's File menu, clicking OK to all confirmation dialogs:

2. In the window that opens, there's a script named install. Run the

3. Open the TrackBack prefs page in your web browser, and check the
boxes to enable TrackBack, and to add a TrackBack link to your weblog
posts. Don't forget to click the Submit button...:

4. Go to the Item Template prefs page in the Desktop Website, and add a
trackbackLink macro to the template, where you'd like the link to your
TrackBack pop-up window to appear:

The macro should look like this:


4. Create a new post that links to a post in a site which supports
TrackBack, and post it to your home page. Radio will attempt to send an
outgoing ping to the post you linked to. If the site has a way to
display TrackBack pings, verify that the ping was received by the
linked site.

Here are a couple of posts you can test with:

5. Verify that incoming TrackBack pings are working: Create another new
post which links to a post in your own site, and verify that the
TrackBack ping was send, by clicking the TrackBack link next to the
post you linked to.

If you have another site which supports outbound TrackBack pings,
create a post in that site which links to, or sends a TrackBack ping to
a post in your Radio site. Again, click the TrackBack link next to the
linked post in your Radio site to verify that the ping was received.

6. Send an email to radio-dev to let us know that it worked. If it
didn't work, let us know what you did (in as much detail as possible),
what you expected to happen, and what actually happened, along with any
error messages you may have seen.

*** Notes

Note that this beta release will only work for incoming TrackBack pings
if your copy of Radio is connected to UserLand's community server, and
one of UserLand's comments servers (either

Since the server-side parts of the feature have not yet been released,
copies of Radio which are connected to the Salon Blogs server or other
instances of RCS will not be able to receive incoming TrackBack pings.
(You can still send outbound pings.)

If your copy of Radio is connected to Phillip Pearson's PyCS, you
should be able to receive incoming TrackBack pings, as well as sending
pings, but this has not yet been tested.

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