Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Joe Jenett is providing some priceless entertainment and loads of FUN tied to BlogShares try to get in on Phase 4 and have some fun for yourself.
I highly recommend it. Thanks a million Joe!!!!!

          We have a winner...
...just 16 minutes after it started.  Dewayne Mikkelson will receive an assortment of very nice additions to his portfolio.  I guess phase 4 will be here much sooner than I thought it would...
Joe's crazy game, phase 3
Joe's crazy game is back and this phase is a biggie!  One of the blogs I subscribe to said the following today:

"Evil ran helter skelter thru our midst."

The first reader to correctly identify the permalink for the entry the quotation comes from (in the comments for this post), will win gifts worth a total of $1 million BlogShares dollars, to be used in any way they like.

Remember, you've got to include your BS user number AND the correct permalink to the quoted blog entry in your comment... and you've got to do it before anyone else.  There will only be one winner on this one.  We're havin' fun now!

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Dewayne Mikkelson says:
I like Rebecca's idea too. I have already been subscribed to John's weblog for a while now and it sounds like I will add
Rebecca's weblog too. I need to set and keep the following goals: 
     1. Blog more original ideas (same as Rebecca), become less of an aggregator 
     2. Practice Drawing more.
     3. Take my WebDog to the Park on the weekends.
Thanks John. Thanks Rebecca.

Source: John Porcaro: mktg@msft

John Porcaro says:
Action Items Due Dec. 14. Rebecca Schwoch reminds me that sometimes you need to remember the little things (or make the little things the big things). I subscribed to her blog because she tends to find the stuff I find interesting, uh, interesting. I love the serendipity of finding kindred spirits that span distance and time--it's probably the main reason I continue to blog (when asked, my most common response is that it's about community).

Rebecca Schwoch says:
"I decided to make some goals for the rest of the year (renewed/new resolutions) to be completed by December 14 1. Write a children's book (see yay above. heh) 2. Paint more 3. Blog more original ideas (not this journaly stuff or just posting others comments). Anyone else?
John Porcaro says:
Let me give it some thought. I'd say 1. Get my kids to Disneyland; 2. Finalize the adoption of our 14-month-old; 3. At least finish the outline of a book. But there's probably a lot more there. I like Rebecca's #3 above. But by the way, Bec, we like the "journal-ly" stuff. It's what makes you human to us.
John Porcaro: mktg@msft]
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