Sunday, August 10, 2003

Dewayne Says:
It sounds like you (Nick) did a fair amount of thinking on this topic. I feel like I have fallen into both of the categories that Nick is talking about. Someone who is able to sell themselves with their eloquence. However I also know that given the chance I am able to perform the job. I have also been in the situation of being underemployed and underappreciated for my efforts. I have also seen people get jobs because they knew or were known by someone who had the option to hire them regardless of their qualifications for the job.

Source: Nick's Blog

Nick Says:

Are talent and knowlege worth anything if nobody knows about them?

Disclaimer: This topic requires much more thought than I put into it, but this is all the time I had to think about it today :).

I was talking to a friend over pizza last weekend, and we started talking about a mutual friend, which for the sake of this conversation we will call Bob. Bob doesn't have a lot of knowledge of the field he works in, but he has the uncanny talent for selling himself. He is eloquent and knows enough of a given topic to sell someone else on his knowing about it. Bob is sucessful not because he is the best programmer, or a great leader, or the guy you can always count on, but because he knows how to make others think he is all those things in an interview.

The world is governed more by appearances than realities, so that it is fully as necessary to seem to know something as it is to know it.

Daniel Webster once said that the world is governed more by appearances than realities, so that it is fully as necessary to seem to know something as it is to know it. It seems like such a waste if you are the person with all the answers and nobody knows it. You are the guy for the job, but they always give it to that other guy. That other guy is Bob. Somehow that other guy has sold the decision makers on the fact that he has the answers when we all know he doesn't.

Not everyone has the ability to sell themselves with a shallow knowledge of what they are selling, but to be successful we must find the middle-ground between humbleness and pompousness. I think so many people are unhappy in their jobs because they understand what they are capable of doing, and all the contributions they have made, but are, unfortunately, the only ones. So the question do you do it? 
[Nick's Blog]

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Great Information Dinah, this is the type of information I have been trying to find all day.

Dinah says:

I like TypePad.

After I got back from a visit to Rangapalooza, an annual gathering of librarians celebrating the great Indian librarian Shiyali Ramamrita Ranganathan, I worked on the site some more.

Within a few hours today, I've brought my new site up to the level of my old one in many areas and past it in many others. I'm finding TypePad so pleasant to use that I'm encouraged to undertake some clean-up chores which have been moldering on my to-do list for years.

Here's the current list of planned changes & remaining site transfer chores:

- Once my upgrade to a Pro account goes through, edit the templates to change the following:
--- make the logo link to the home page
--- add the tagline under the logo
--- add a footer explaining what a blog is and showing my copyright statement
--- add the sidebar links to my Launch radio station and to the Dean volunteers banner
--- fine-tune sidebar archive display to just show link to index and not to most recent 12 months
--- add a link to the Dinah category archives on the About Me page
--- move the category links above the date links on the archive index page

- Figure out how to add TypeLists to my archive so you can see more than just the latest book/music/movie links that show in the sidebar
--- and then figure out how to get the annotation for each entry to show (These lists are where all the Inkspot content went)

- Once I can edit dates without paging back month by month (feature request submitted & since Movable Type did it, I bet it won't be an unlikely enhancement):
--- add the last few of the "Dinah" blog posts to the new main blog (in the Dinah categories)
--- add to the new main blog all pre-Blogger posts (Oct 20, 1998 - Aug 15 1999)
--- add to the new main blog all post-Blogger, pre-MT posts which weren't already imported (Aug 26 1999 - March 7, 2000 first post)

- Tidy up a few little style sheet touches (declare multiple fonts, support a few silly little custom styles I made e.g. big & orange for Taylor)

- Review every single post (it'll be well over 2000 of them by the time those missing ones above get added in) to confirm that they have titles, categories & any supporting image files and that the links are still good.

- Confirm all content on old server is migrated, backed up or deletable.

- Once all content in TypePad blog:
--- redirect from Hurricane Electric server to TypePad account
--- create a custom 404 error page to point users to new Archive Index

- Once TypePad supports domain naming (listing the blog under
--- Create a custom 404 error page with the Archive Index content
(Hmm, or maybe I should just put that behavior in as a new feature request?)
--- Set up proper mail handling since I don't think that will be part of the forthcoming domain naming feature.


As you might guess, this is an ongoing project (five years and counting!), but TypePad is a great leap forward. I'm really happy with the features and the editing & management interfaces and I suspect the Pro features will give me everything I need to meet the above goals. Even if I have to wait a while for some of it, it won't be an inconvenience - I've got plenty to keep me busy!


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If you would like to centralize your Radio CSS you can simple save your Style sheet as "#cascadingStyleSheet.txt" then place it in your "www" folder. Then simply add the <%cascadingStyleSheet%> macro to your template. Your CSS will be included where you included your macro.

This method will work even if you create a theme out of your design.

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