Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Yikes! A call from Madhu at Sax Inc. indicates I am a victim of identity theft. Somebody has opened an account at a Mississippi store (McCrae's?) using, I think, information from a Carson Pirie Scott account of mine. Both stores are owned by Sax. I am calling the credit beaureaus now to attach a fraud alert to my file. Found some good info on what to do from the FTC. Also a government site on identity theft.
11:17:44 AM      

Jon Udell wrote a nice piece about multimodal user interfaces today and it got me thinking. How do others take advantage of this with their weblogs? How can I take advantage of it? Extending Jon's work to the five senses, I could try employing sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste.

That idea lasted all of five seconds. I am generally annoyed by websites with sound. Hear me now, I will not add sound to my weblog. I think Smell-0-Vision is still in its infancy, so that's out. I don't want anybody licking my weblog; some of the colors used here are known to be toxic. It seems my only option is to use words and images to create sounds, smells, tastes, and visions. I do like sites that employ photographs. I could add photos, if I would only remember to leave a compact flash card reader here at the office (to transfer pictures from my camera to my PC). As for the words, maybe its time to open up a bit and communicate.
9:45:08 AM      

WebSphere 5 Finally Ships. IBM is finally catching up to its competition with the release of a new version of its WebSphere application server that fully supports J2EE 1.3 technologies. ...[Computerworld App Development News]
... the server can perform self-configuring to move from a single-server environment to a clustered environment, automatic tuning to better support specific applications, and predictive failure analysis to prevent or fix problems.
This is the one argument I get in favor of WebSphere over .NET that I cannot refute. IBM has done a great job of providing instrumentation for tweaking and managing the application server.
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Mark Paschal points to a nice Advent Calendar.
8:53:56 AM