Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Thank you Userland! Proxy Exceptions are going to make my life easier. No more maintaining a separate copy of tcp.httpClient so I can force the proxy server to be bypassed when working inside the firewall.
10:19:35 AM      

Yesterday I learned that I was the victim of identity theft. I was lucky. An alert fraud investigator (Madhu Khiani) at Sak's Fifth Avenue noticed inconsistencies in account profile information between an account I hold with Carson Pirie Scott (owned by Sak's) and a new account the perpetrator opened at McRae's. The fraudulent account was opened last Friday; Madhu flagged it, closed it, and notified my yesterday (Tuesday).

The first thing I did was grab my credit report at TransUnion. I found that two other accounts had been opened in my name. The first at Parisian's (another Sak's owned department store as I later found out). The second with Brunswick Billiards. I called Madhu back about the Parisian's account so she could flag and close that one as well. I had less luck with Brunswick. I called them and talked with Don Tripp. Don says that Brunswick only opens credit accounts for businesses and he is the only one authorized to pull credit reports. He had not seen my name recently. I suppose there are not a flood of billiards businesses opening up this time of year; Don probably would have remembered my name. On the other hand, perhaps there is a new pool hall in my name somewhere in New York or Mississippi.

I wish I had thought to get my credit reports from EquiFax and Experian. Instead I first placed a fraud alert on my report with all three credit beaureaus. Now I have to wait for the reports to be mailed to me before I can find out if any other accounts might have been opened in my name. I sure hope this is the end of the trail. So far I have not seen any fishy activity on existing credit accounts.
9:53:10 AM      

A picture named Snowy Day In South BarringtonI took this picture yesterday morning, just before finding out my identity was stolen. We had a beautiful snowfall throughout the morning in South Barrington. Today there is fluffy white powder over everything. It goes nice with the blue sky and sunshine. I hope things are as beautiful in your corner of the world today.
9:27:13 AM