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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

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KESQ NewsChannel 3: "Water officials from the states that share the Colorado River say they've reached an agreement on a wide-ranging drought management plan that they will propose to Interior Secretary Gale Norton this week.

"Water officials meeting in Las Vegas say the proposals would give them more flexibility in determining the water levels in Lake Powell and Lake Mead. It also would force the states to review their management plans in times of extreme shortages.

"The proposal encourages investment in technologies and infrastructure improvements that could increase the amount of water in the system, and it would let the states reap the benefits of their own projects."

More details about the deal from the Arizona Central: "Among the major provisions of the proposal: The two reservoirs would be operated cooperatively, with water levels based on the condition of the river and the lakes; Water levels at Lake Mead would determine when a shortage is declared and how much water would be withheld from the states and Mexico; The lower the lake, the larger the shortage; The states spell out suggested policies for augmentation and conservation; Under one proposal, a new reservoir would be constructed in California to catch water that was earmarked for use but wasn't, water that now flows to Mexico over and above the amount allotted that country in a treaty; For the first time, water from outside the river could be cycled through the system without affecting a state's legal allocation. The proposal is designed mostly to benefit Nevada, which wants to let treated groundwater flow into Lake Mead and then take it out for re-use without reducing its share of the river."

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New West: "I stood at an overlook above Lake Mead and marveled at the white of the bathtub ring, the area once under water now exposed to light by the extended drought the Southwest has experienced. A remarkable repository of rural California's water, the man-made Lake Mead has precipitously decreased from 1,214 feet in elevation in 1999 to 1137.5 feet in December 2005. Even last winter's powerful weather only temporarily reversed the decline. Since early in 2005, when water levels rose after unusually heavy rainfalls, the lake has again dropped to nearly unprecedented levels."

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According to the Pueblo Chieftain, Colorado Springs is trying to determine the best use for fines they've paid for sewage leaks into Fountain Creek. From the article, "Colorado Springs Utilities has met at least three times in the past two weeks with local officials on how a portion of its fine for spills into Fountain Creek will be spent.

"A decision on how $91,000 designated for a supplementary environmental project will be spent is expected by the end of February. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is scheduled to decide on the validity of a plan submitted by Colorado Springs at that time...

"Some are suggesting the money from the fine be spent on long-range projects rather than specific work programs...

"[Ross] Vincent has suggested using a portion of the money to get an outside group to help bring together groups to create a vision for Fountain Creek.

"He has suggested the Keystone Center, which in the 1990s helped shape the Army's decision to look at, and eventually accept, alternative technologies for destroying chemical weapons like those stored in Pueblo.

"He also favors a more comprehensive monitoring program on Fountain Creek, but said $90,000 is not enough to keep it going in the long term...

"City staff suggested a project to dredge the Fountain between Fourth and Eighth streets. Apparently a large storm event could cause flooding on the East Side because of the buildup of silt, despite levees completed just 15 years ago, Vincent said.

"The second suggestion was to develop wetlands on Fountain Creek, using plants to filter contaminants from water in the system.

"Previous suggestions include using the money for education, using the money to test for DNA to determine the source of bacteria or creating a demonstration flood control project."

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HB1124 was approved by the State House Agricultural, Livestock and Natural Resources Committee committee yesterday, according to the Rocky Mountain News [January 31, 2006, "House panel approves water-sharing measure"]. From the article, "The idea is to keep as much irrigated land working as possible, while giving farmers a way to generate extra cash and giving cities access to badly needed water supplies. The measure cleared the committee on a 10-1 vote...

"House Bill 1134 is backed by the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union and the Colorado Cattlemen's Association, among others, because it gives farmers who want to keep farming a way to raise extra money, and prevents the dry-up of vast swaths of some of Colorado's most valuable farms...

"[Front Range] cities are willing to pay top dollar for the farm water because it is closer to home and can be developed without engaging in bruising water battles with the Western Slope, where Front Range cities have traditionally gone for water."

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